Ken Merfeld



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Sheila Rock

  Sheila Rock was born in the United States and has lived and worked in London since 1970. Since 1979, she has had a successful career photographing the entertainment and music industry. Subjects include artists such as Sting, Paul Weller, Enya, Yossou N’Dour, Sinead O’Connor, Placido Domingo, Bryn Terfel, Sir Simon Rattle and institutions such […]

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Clarence Sinclair Bull


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Bob Avakian

I photograph the landscape at night and at dawn. The camera captures the frames as stills, freezing time, regardless of the length of the exposure, and creating an image different from what the eye perceives. I like to believe that these resulting images are from a moment suspended between night and day. The camera is […]

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Parallelograms, Jeff Enlow

Parallelograms is a photographic nude portrait project that aims to bridge the gap between photography and painting. Each image is shot on instant film creating a uniquely physical image that evokes both a sense of beauty and vulnerability. The series breaks with classic portraiture, utilizing multiple exposures allowing your eye to wander in the intersecting […]

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