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Anja Niedringhaus

Rahmat Gul


George Kurian, Buzkashi


George Kurian, Buzkashi

Photojournalist & film-maker based in Kabul, Afghanistan and available for work anywhere in the world. Worked in India, Afghanistan, Syria, Nepal, UK, Spain, Norway, Kenya, Turkey and other parts of Europe and the… Continue reading

TIME Photos of 2011

Yuri Kozyrev. Ras Lanuf, Libya With photography, it’s always a moment. You get it, or you miss it. This was on the front lines near Ras Lanuf, Libya. It was near an oil… Continue reading

Top 10 photos of 2011, National Geographic

Joel Sartore Rift in Paradise Albertine Rift, Uganda A tree-climbing lion stirs in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park. “This photograph is so beautifully executed. The color is magnificent, with the cobalt blue sky… Continue reading

Best photos of the year 2011, Reuters ( 9 )

JORGE DAN LOPEZ, Mexico “Hundreds of people had gathered for a book signing of Ricky Martin’s autobiography and were standing in a long line outside a shopping center in the south of Mexico… Continue reading

Ahmad Masood

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Jalil Rezayee

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