Struggle, grief, and yet the dream of normalcy — these are just some in a complex mix of emotions pictured in a new book by Afghan-born photographer Zalmaï. After the Soviet invasion in 1980, he left Afghanistan for Switzerland, where he pursued his passion for photography and eventually began to work internationally as a freelance […]

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Ahmad Masood

I cover general news. I used to be based in Afghanistan, where I shot lots of conflict-related stories, but in early 2012 I moved to India. My role here has expanded to managing a relatively big team of photographers across the country, and in Afghanistan too, to some extent.

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George Kurian, Buzkashi

Photojournalist & film-maker based in Kabul, Afghanistan and available for work anywhere in the world. Worked in India, Afghanistan, Syria, Nepal, UK, Spain, Norway, Kenya, Turkey and other parts of Europe and the Middle East. Pictures published in The Daily Beast, The Sunday Times, Maclean’s/Rogers, Aftenposten (Norway), Dagens Nyheter (Sweden), The Australian, IRIN and through […]

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