Francisco Mata

Francisco Mata Rosas was born in Mexico in 1958. Mata began his studies at the Metropolitan University and began working as a full-time photographer in 1986. Throughout the late eighties and early nineties, Mata worked at the Mexican newspaper La Jornada. Since leaving journalism and moving to a full-time artist, Mata’s work has been shown […]

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Juan Crisóstomo Méndez Aval

Juan Crisostomo Mendez Avalos was born in the City of Puebla in May 12 th, 1885. At that time, Puebla was an important industrial and commercial center whose proximity to Mexico City fostered an intense spirit of competition with the capital where textile factories and transit commerce became the main economical activities. Puebla competed with […]

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Mariana Yampolsky

    Para Mariana Yampolsky (Chicago, 6 de septiembre de 1925 – † Ciudad de México, 3 de mayo de 2002), la fotografía fue un modo de conocer, de adentrarse en la memoria y las vivencias cotidianas de los seres humanos, acaso con el propósito de identificar, en los abundantes signos que encierran sus imágenes, […]

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The Black Hours, Patricia Aridjis

A photographic essay of women in prison. By Patricia Aridjis. “What would you do if I mugged you?”- Natalia asked mischievously. -You wouldn’t- I answered. When Juan Carlos the inmate’s five-year old son over heard us he screamed, -“Don’t do it mom! don’t! or you’ll end up in jail!”- -“Jail does not exist”- she said […]

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