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Monika Redzisz and Monika Berezecka


Jarek Kubicki


Maciej Dakowicz

A night out in Cardiff, UK.




Michal Karcz



I was born in 1977 in Warsaw, Poland. I had graduated from the High School of Art in Warsaw. My journey into the world of photography began in the early 90′s, but at that time my biggest passion was painting. Painting helped me develop vision that was hard to create. Unfortunately I had to leave the paintbrush and canvas. A few years ago, I opened “the door” to my own world with help of a different key…

My early fascinations of painting and photography was combined into one piece, with use of digital tools. This digital photography and software gave me the opportunity to generate unique realities that are impossible to create with ordinary dark room techniques. Most of my work is the journey to the places which don’t exist, places from my dreams, desire and imagination. I’m taking my inspiration from many artists and it doesn’t matter if they get across to me by sense of vision or hearing.

I always try to make an extraordinary picture and my goal is to make a viewer stop for a minute, to influence on emotions and take away from reality. Am I making it happen?. appraise yourself


Piotr Ciemniejewski










Piotr Krol




Rafael Karcz, Subhumans


The current exhibition focuses both the artist’s and viewers’ attention on various iterations of human faces, one of the traditional genres of art history. Frequently de-populated and executed with the artist’s characteristic somber palette of rather monochromatic colors, Karcz’s faces create an evocative atmosphere that is simultaneously disquieting, banal, and even, on occasions, gloomy or sinister. His fleeting glimpses of these motives are often ambiguous – both artist and viewer participate in the viewing of the scene and yet are somehow also clearly excluded from belonging in them…

Albert Wang, art curator, IAO PROJECTS, Salt Lake City, USA


Antonina Dolani


Paulina Otylie Surys


Michal Giedrojc


International Photography Awards ( 4 )

Entry Title: ” Brothels: Living in Darkness”
Name: Miguel Candela, Spain
Category: Non-Professional, Photo Essay and Feature Story
Entry Description: It’s an unlikely place for sex: a rundown concrete building where rats run free in rural Bangladesh. Small holes in the walls allow the only supply of natural light and air into the jail-like compound. Fluorescent bulbs hesitate to light up, and turn it into the ideal background for a horror blockbuster. After countless demonstrations that stirred media interest, prostitutes now don’t have to walk barefoot when they leave the brothel, and can be buried in a separate cemetery. In 2010, radical Islamists burned down the whole compound injuring two and leaving most without anything.

Entry Title: ” lonely home in Nepal”
Name: GMB akash, Bangladesh
Category: Non-Professional, Photo Essay and Feature Story
Entry Description: The existing and increasing population of aged people is becoming one of the problems that Nepal has been facing in recent years. The Pashupati Bridhashram (old home) is the largest old home in Katmandu run by the government. There are 230 residents, 140 of them women and 90 of them are man. It has always lack of fund for food. Several old aged homes have been developed in Nepal in recent years to rehabilitate the elderly people for their welfare. Nepal

Entry Title: ” Afghan Heroin: Not for Export”
Name: Thomas Stanworth, United Kingdom
Category: Non-Professional, War/Conflict
Entry Description: The Russian Cultural Center, Kabul, Afghanistan, once showcased Soviet art and culture. The complex was destroyed during the civil war and for years has been used by Kabul’s heroin addicts. Due to persecution, they hide largely unseen within the unlit rooms and passageways within the ruined complex. Despite the billions of dollars poured into counter-narcotics programs, there are virtually no rehabilitation facilities in Kabul to help the country’s own victims, who are thought to exceed a million. Pressure from the authorities has seen many addicts forced out of the Russian Center and into even worse conditions throughout the capital.

Entry Title: ” Insomnia”
Name: Arman Zhenikeyev, Kazakhstan
Category: Non-Professional, Fine Art
Entry Description: Insomnia is a night violence against a man

Entry Title: ” Innocence”
Name: Claudio Allia, Italy
Non-Professional, Other_FA

Entry Title: ” Mirrors”
Name: David Kretschmer, Germany
Category: Non-Professional, Portrait
Entry Description: Mirrors shows the contradictory view on beauty in the modern society. Four beautiful young girls, looking very doubting and insecure. As they are almost perfect looking, they observe themselves very strict and criticize every single flaw on their body and face. The four guys are in complete contrast to the girls. They are not perfect at all but they look very confident at themselves and don’t care about any beauty ideals. They are not pristine but they are satisfied.

Entry Title: ” Birds Over Shanghai”
Name: Andre Reichmann, United States
Category: Non-Professional, Aerial
Entry Description: Waking up early for a business meeting at my Shanghai hotel I saw these birds flying in circles and I worked furiously to get my camera and was able to get off only this shot. Very lucky indeed.

Entry Title: ” Namibia Abstract”
Name: Drora Bashan, Israel
Category: Non-Professional, Aerial
Entry Description: Namibia Abstract. Flying over Namibia (small aircraft, two-seater) offers most spectacular otherworldly sights! The amazing and bizarre landscape of the huge red sand-dunes is spread in front of your eyes. You can enjoy the diversity of shapes, earth colors, shades and even textures of the untouched earth. From the concrete up to abstract it’s a unique, aesthetic and sensual experience that takes you to fantasy world. Taken November, 2007.

Entry Title: ” Nightflowers”
Name: David Leaser, United States
Category: Non-Professional, Flowers
Entry Description: Inspired by a trip to the Amazon, author and photographer David Leaser has created a limited edition collection of dramatic botanicals with such detail, you’ll see flowers like you’ve never seen them before. You can literally see the pollen on the stamens of these flowers.

Entry Title: ” Calm night on the Lofoten”
Name: Maciej Nowacki, Poland
Category: Non-Professional, Landscapes

Entry Title: ” Desert Dreams”
Name: Anil Rao, United States
Category: Non-Professional, Other_N

Entry Title: ” Reflections of Autumn”
Name: Raghav Krishna, Germany
Category: Non-Professional, Seasons
Entry Description: I took this photograph, while walking on a hiking trail in a natural park. I looked down at a puddle of water and saw these amazing reflections with the fallen leaves and the trees.

Entry Title: ” Tales of Tolkien: Walking Ent”
Name: Alexander Kitsenko, Ukraine
Category: Non-Professional, Trees
Entry Description: A misty morning in the woods

Entry Title: ” Paper Boat
Name: Katerina Lomonosov, Israel
Category: Non-Professional, Children
Entry Description: A 7-year-old-boy is sitting in a room corner. His mother just washed his clothes and put them on the rope in the middle of the room because they have no other place to dry them. The eliminate drops from his clothes she put a bowel. The boy has no toys to play with so he tries to find something to do within those endless moments. That’s why he took a piece of paper and folded a paper boat to play with in the bowel.

Entry Title: ” Evening”
Name: Richard Vdovjak, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
Category: Non-Professional, Children
Entry Description: A young boy dances in evening at a family reunion. Himalayas, Nepal.

Entry Title: ” Isolation”
Name: Luke Smith, United Kingdom
Category: Non-Professional, Culture
Entry Description: For this series I wanted to address the issue of isolation within the elderly by its symbolic representation. With each image the elderly person faces away from the viewer, revealing the subjects absorption, so denying the presence of the viewer, with no ability towards identification, in doing so themselves becoming severed from the image and isolated from the activity being observed. I wanted to summon a confrontational experience from the viewer based on fragments and contradictions in the images systematic order. By violating spatial logic I have attempted to load each image with the symbolic representation of isolation.

Entry Title: ” Faith”
Name: Richard Vdovjak, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
Category: Non-Professional, Culture
Entry Description: Buddhist monks on their way to the monastery. Himalayas, Nepal.

Entry Title: Naga Babas”
Name: Brock Rhone, Canada
Category: Non-Professional, Travel/Tourism
Entry Description: Naga Babas of the Juna Akhara at the 2010 Kumbh Mela, Haridwar, India.

Entry Title: ” Island Hvar “
Name: Maciej Nowacki, Poland
Category: Non-Professional, Sunset


International Photography Awards ( 3 )

Entry Title: ” Plasticity of Life”
Name: Martin Oeggerli, Switzerland
Category: Professional, Micro
Entry Description: Armed with a scanning-electron-microscope, the author has collected and catalogued insect eggs from every corner of the earth over many years. Single portraits showcase the diverse forms and patterns which invite a comparison with man-made constructions that have been produced during the industrial age or even today as elements of modern architecture.


Entry Title: ” Russian Adventures”
Name: Sue Flood, United Kingdom
Category: Professional, Travel/Tourism
Entry Description: I took this series of photographs in the Russian Arctic, when travelling as on tourist trips to Franz Josef Land and Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands. The dramatic light made for a stunning trip.

Entry Title: ” cello girl”
Name: Shu Li- Chuan, Taiwan
Category: Non-Professional, Music
Entry Description: Let the melody to be as the wind.

Entry Title: ” Lovelace Boudoir”
Name: Jordi Bourbaki, Spain
Category: Non-Professional, Other_AD
Entry Description: Series for Bibian Blue’s ‘Lovelace Boudoir’ collection.

Entry Title: ” Remote Control”
Name: Claudio Allia, Italy
Category: Non-Professional, Self-Promotion
Entry Description: Mathare Valley Slum (Nairobi) A.D. 2010.

Entry Title: ” The worshippes”
Name: Marcin Bera, United Kingdom
Category: Non-Professional, Self-Promotion
Entry Description: Dense fog over the southwest coast of the Jurassic Coast in the United Kingdom.

Entry Title: ” Simplicity”
Name: Marcin Bera, United Kingdom
Category: Non-Professional, Self-Promotion
Entry Description: These photos are showing my favourite places in the United Kingdom. Somber mood and depth of the ocean literally radiates from them. As long as I can, ll always come back there.

Entry Title: ” Calatrava – Valencia”
Name: Carlos Esguerra, United States
Category: Non-Professional, Bridges
Entry Description: Images of works by Spanish master architect Santiago Calatrava at Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias in Valencia, Spain.

Entry Title: ” Docklands”
Name: Rafal Krol, Ireland
Category: Non-Professional, Buildings

Entry Title: ” stealth bomber”
Name: Kevin Kwok, United States
Category: Non-Professional, Buildings
Entry Description: Taken over a period of three years, these images are the architectural intersections of corner offices when viewed straight upwards. By standing right next to the corners and photographing these buildings at such severe angles, the lines and geometry are accentuated and the buildings become abstracts allowing the viewer to provide their own context to the images.

Entry Title: ” Frozen Music”
Name: Joel Tjintjelaar, Netherlands
Category: Non-Professional, Buildings
Entry Description: A series of architectural objects that in some way represents the idea that beauty can be found in mathematics. Goethe once said that architecture is frozen music. Both architecture and music are based on mathematics so I’ve tried to find architectural objects that in some way also can be associated with music by their form, their rhythm and flow and recurring patterns. This is an ongoing series.

Entry Title: ” Untitled”
Name: Caitlin Kovac, United States
Category: Non-Professional, Historic

Entry Title: Where Ships Were Born [Revisited]“
Name: Paul Alexander Knox, United Kingdom
Category: Non-Professional, Industrial
Entry Description: Sunderland has a proud 600 year history of shipbuilding, which in the early 1900′s employed 12,000 men; over a third of the town’s adult population. Now the workforce is a mere half dozen and their future is uncertain. The once opulent offices that stood like Mary Celeste style shrine for over 20 years have now been demolished. The Dry dock still functions but now only as a demolition site. The industry is in it’s final years. I left my home town of Sunderland a few years after the industry was all but closed down to find employment. I returned over 13 years later to begin the journey to document this, the last working shipyard in Sunderland.

Entry Title: ” Along The River Rouge: Detroit’s Industrial Mecca”
Name: Jeff Gaydash, United States
Category: Non-Professional, Industrial
Entry Description: Photographing Along The River Rouge: Detroit’s Industrial Mecca An ongoing series of images taken around Detroit’s heavily industrialized River Rouge area, including Zug Island, Delray, The Marathon Oil Refinery and Ford’s Rouge Plant.

Entry Title: ” Priests in Ethiopia”
Name: Grzegorz Sowa, Poland
Category: Non-Professional, Personality
Entry Description: Priest in region Tigray in Ethiopia, where stone churches are located


International Photography Awards ( 2 )

Entry Title: ” impression”
Name: Shinji Ichikawa, Japan
Category: Professional, Abstract
Entry Description: The impression that I felt from space and the thing of the place.

Entry Title: ” Fabricate”
Name: Dean West, Canada
Category: Professional, Collage
Entry Description: A contemporary appropriation of Greek & Roman mythology

Entry Title: ” Been in the Storm Too Long (Tentative Title)”
Name: Shane Lavalette, United States
Category: Professional, Landscape
Entry Description: from a series commissioned by the High Museum of Art (Atlanta, GA) for the 2012 exhibition “Picturing the South”

Entry Title: ” Post Arcadia “
Name: Florence Iff, Switzerland
Category: Professional, Landscape
Entry Description: Landscape in its self is in its origin a concept, which roots in the beginning of industrialization and renaissance painting. Seen as a concept, landscape therefore represents an image of an idea. We declare what an ideal landscape looks like and represent it e.g. in a photographic reproduction. In everyday life simulations of landscape and nature in relation of educative, scientific, recreational-oriented or economical contexts are ubiquitous. They not only influence our notion of nature in its derivation but also enhance implicitness of a designed environment. The differentiation between image, copy, representation, simulation and finally simulacrum is increasingly more difficult.

Entry Title: ” Normandy from above”
Name: Vincent Mathieu, France
Category: Professional, Aerial

Entry Title: ” Butterfly”
Name: Tom D. Jones, Belgium
Category: Professional, Flowers
Entry Description: It took 8 months to make those images, you only see 5 of a whole series. All butterflies were alive while session and they all flew away when they had enough of it! I say this because I had several questions from people who think it’s not real. There’s nothing tricky about it! Only a lot of patience! see more on

Entry Title: ” Storms 2010″
Name: Mitch Dobrowner, United States
Category: Professional, Landscapes
Entry Description: Series of images taken between July and August 2010

Entry Title: ” Inner Peace”
Name: Peter Lik, United States
Category: Professional, Landscapes
Entry Description: Standing beneath the canopy of this Japanese Maple tree was an incredible feeling – I was in awe as the late afternoon light backlit the delicate leaves. Every branch told its own story, and I felt this special tree had so much to tell. I truly felt an indescribable energy – a total connection with Mother Earth. I used a really wide-angle lens to reach out to as much of the tree as possible. I put my camera on the ground to give me a strong perspective to shoot up into the skies. As the sun sunk toward the horizon, the tree came to life with an incredible display of color, shape and texture – its rays burst into a star within the tree. It was a magical moment when I pressed the shutter – one I’ll never forget. I hope I can bring to you the rush of emotions I experienced. 

Entry Title: “ New Life”
Name: Richard W J Koh, Singapore
Category: Professional, Other_N
Entry Description: A day or two after a heavy downpour, I found fungus growing from an old log left in the garden. At night, I was preparing to photograph it when I smelt something unusual coming from it. Under careful lighting, I discovered that the fungus was smoldering with what I guess must be its spores! It was a rare amazing display of new life. Richard W J Koh, Amaranthine Photos, Singapore

Entry Title: ” “Expressions of Autumn””
Name: John Scanlan, United States
Category: Professional, Seasons

Entry Title: ” Sunrise”
Name: Ertugrul Kilic, Suriname
Category: Professional, Sunset
Entry Description: Sunrise over Suriname River through barber shop window.

Entry Title: ” Chicago”
Name: – Ball & Albanese, United States
Category: Professional, Sunset
Entry Description: Chicago, observed from the 103rd-floor Willis Tower Skydeck

Entry Title: ” Leopard Seal”
Name: Bartosz Strozynski, Poland
Category: Professional, Underwater
Entry Description: Probably the most spectacular Antarctic subject for wildlife photographer is the Leopard Seal. Antarctica and surrounding waters is the only place in the world where this mammal can be met. It is called a leopard seal due its characteristic spots on skin, but after spending some time with the animal, I found it to be more similar to a dog than to a leopard. There are numerous leopard seals around Antarctica seaside areas, and you may often see them sleeping on small icebergs. They seem to be very lazy and uninterested in jumping into the water to help us in our photographic endeavours, but as soon as they get in, they transform into extremely fast moving and scary monster. However it sounds, with a bit of luck though, you can meet the leopard seal while diving and play with it, making spectacular pictures. To give you some feeling how close I was, making these pictures, they were made with 14mm lens, in distance of 0-30 cm from teeth of 3 meters long and 500 kgs heavy animal!

Entry Title: ” Life Aquatic”
Name: Chuck Bradley, Australia
Category: Professional, Underwater
Entry Description: This a series of water creatures inspired by my daily ride from my island home in my tinny to the mainland. I wanted to capture the animals grace in it’s water surrounding, but beautifully light in the studio.

Entry Title: ” Working Children of Dhaka
Name: Larry Louie, Canada
Category: Professional, Children
Entry Description: In recent years, the prevalence of child labor has become a serious problem in many poor developing countries. Bangladesh, being one of the poorest and one of the most densely populated countries in the world; the problem of child labor is huge. It is estimated that there are 4.9 million working children between the ages of 5-15 in Bangladesh. That is 13.4% of the total work force in the country. Most of these children have no other options. Some are orphans growing up on the streets while others are forces to work due the economic hardships of their family.

Entry Title: ” Libya”
Name: Marsel van Oosten, Netherlands
Category: Professional, Culture
Entry Description: These images were shot in and around Ghat, Libya, during the Ghat festival. Many different desert tribes from Libya and neighbouring countries visit this festival to sing, dance and give demonstrations of their traditions.

Entry Title: ” Pride of Beauty”
Name: Giordano Cipriani, Italy
Category: Professional, Culture
Entry Description: The tribe of the Surma, in the Valley of the Omo of Ethiopia, have developed forms of art with great capacity for artistic expression, and an important social function and ornament. They use everything that nature can offer to adorn their bodies. Using the body paint to accessories such as bracelets, beads, feathers, leather and women use the famous lip-circular plate, a sign of elegance and prestige.

Entry Title: ” I AM LEGEND”
Name: Antonio Faccilongo, Italy
Category: Professional, Other_P
Entry Description: Ugo Sansonetti was born in Rome January 10, 1919, son of Admiral Louis Sansonetti. He currently lives in Rome, has ten children, 25 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren, a law degree and was a pioneer in Chile and a cavalry officer. Always been passionate about sports, since the nineties, professionally dedicated to athletics, winning over 92 medals, of which 60% of gold. He is the athlete who has won more Masters titles at the European Indoor Athletics, with 13 gold medals. Also in the month of March 2011 has also won the gold medal in springboard diving from the Italian league and is preparing for the World dives in August in Sacramento. In 2005 at the age of 86 years participated in the project Sansonetti “SpaceLand”, a space mission. Took off from Bordeaux, was the first parabolic flight to accommodate ordinary citizens, and the first to bring on board an octogenarian.

Entry Title: ” Landmine victims “
Name: Majid Saeedi, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Category: Professional, Portrait_P
Entry Description: landmine victims and those with limb related deformities of during war in Afghanistan. The UN mine information network estimates still after the 30 years war there are approximately 62 people killed or injured by mines each month in the country.

Entry Title: ” The Personal Series”
Name: Brandy Eve Allen, United States
Category: Professional, Self-Portrait
Entry Description: Photos from the book CIAO L.A.- A photographic memoir of my journey through language, love, culture, art and the ways it fucks with the heart.

Entry Title: ” Korean Nuptials”
Name: Robert Swiderski, United States
Category: Professional, Wedding
Entry Description: Centuries old Korean wedding tradition is being observed and honored through customary demeanor and body language.


International Photography Awards ( 1 )

Entry Title: “ Our oceans aren’t the only ones in danger”

Name: Adam Taylor, United States

Category: Professional, Advertising

Entry Description: “Our oceans aren’t the only ones in danger” Commissioned for the Surfrider Foundation – - A series displaying the metaphorical results of humans washed up on the beach, the victims of the products we as a society carelessly discard and that end up in our oceans.

Entry Title: ” Hyperspace Audi A8″

Name: Igor Omulecki, Poland

Category: Professional, Automotive

Entry Description: Hyperspace campaign introduce new Audi A8 on polish market. The photographs were presented during 4 exclusive events/exhibitions in Poland. Moreover, a limited edition album of only 1000 copies has been published. Several publications in art and lifestyle magazines. Finally, a website has been created

Entry Title: ” The Look”

Name: Yulia Gorbachenko, United States

Category: Professional, Beauty

Entry Description: I think that beauty is inseparable from the character. I found both in Grace. She was the main reason to create these photographs.

Entry Title: ” ‘Let them eat cake’ “

Name: John Wright, United Kingdom

Category: Professional, Fashion

Entry Description: Series shot for Leica S2 promotional images and featured on GQ Style online.

Entry Title: ” Women of History”

Name: Peter Lippmann, France

Category: Professional, Fashion

Entry Description: These images are the result of a collaboration with Christian Louboutin

Entry Title: ” Heinz”

Name: Maurice Heesen, Netherlands

Category: Professional, Food

Entry Title: ” Hurray”

Name: Poras Chaudhary, India

Category: Professional, Music

Entry Description: The Portuguese band “The Gift” during the holi celebration in India.

Entry Title: ” Magic World”

Name: Adam Balcerek, Poland

Category: Professional, Product

Entry Title: ” Tibetan monastery kitchens”

Name: Marrigje de Maar, Netherlands

Category: Professional, Interiors

Entry Description: Kitchens of Tibetan monasteries in N.Yunnan and Sichuan province, China. In these kitchens tea and food is prepared for 3 – 3000 monks.

Entry Title: ” Taxidermy”

Name: Marcus Peel, United Kingdom

Category: Professional, Interiors

Entry Title: ” African Arenas”

Name: Thomas Hoeffgen, United States

Category: Professional, Documentary

Entry Description: I was amazed at the creative use of space in Lagos, Nigeria: In a city crammed with more than 15 million residents, football was played on practically every block, with fields shoehorned into even the tiniest open areas. Empty football pitches—with their infinite possibilities—have always had a particular fascination for me. Over the next ten years, I would shoot football pitches in Nigeria, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, and South Africa. And though the focus always remained on the pitches—thus the title African Arenas, encompassing everything from sand lots to stadiums built for the 2010 World Cup—my initial concept quickly evolved.

Entry Title: ” chernobyl the hidden legacy”

Name: Pierpaolo Mittica, Italy

Category: Professional, Documentary

Entry Description: On April 26, 1986 at 1:24 a.m. a disastrous event occurred, the worst technological catastrophe of the modern age, which blighted the lives of millions of people. That night reactor number four of the Chernobyl nuclear power station exploded. I worked for this project for 5 years from 2002 till 2007 with several trips on the contaminated lands around Belarus and Ukraine. The book is a collection of 81 black and white photographs with texts that explain the actual and real situation on the contaminated territories by Chernobyl.

Entry Title: ” Yangtze – The Long River “

Name: Nadav Kander, United Kingdom

Category: Professional, Fine Art

Entry Description: Photo book published in 2010 by Hatje Cantz. The series follows a journey upstream along China’s Yangtze River.

Entry Title: Polar World”

Name: Thorsten Milse, Germany

Category: Professional, Nature

Entry Description: vegetation, endless winters and unimaginable cold (down to as low as minus 89 degrees) make them inhospitable and virtually uninhabitable. The fascination they exert has much to do with these extremes: nature shows herself at her wildest, most monumental and unspoilt – a statement of pure beauty.

Entry Title: ” Wild Africa”

Name: Alex Bernasconi, Italy

Category: Professional, Nature

Entry Description: A sumptuous visual record of one of the last natural paradises on earth, Wild Africa is a unique first-hand photographic encounter with the wildlife of the continent in all its spectacular grandeur From a totally fresh perspective, with unique access to some of the remotest regions and species living beyond the confines of captivity, Wild Africa is a contemporary photographic record that takes you into the heart of one of the world’s last natural paradises. The result of painstaking expeditions across the continent, Alex Bernasconi’s photographic document contains some of the most novel, surprising and spectacular images of Africa and its wildlife. This is an off-road Africa, with moments of true beauty and natural delicacy that shows the full splendour of wildlife at one with the landscape, whilst preserving its raw immediacy. In the one thousand eight hundred images a week that Bernasconi takes of some of nature’s finest and most endangered animals, wildlife photography is embodied at its most honest and creative. Wild Africa depicts some of Africa’s most voluptuous vistas alongside the world’s most treasured wildlife discovered off-guard, at its most powerful and endearing. These are unique images by a photographer motivated to preserve for posterity the most exceptional panoramas of wildlife in its true habitat that we have today. This is a visual testament of the best of our planet. It is an enduring legacy to inspire the ecological generation.

Entry Title: ” Cold Places”

Name: Sue Flood, United Kingdom

Category: Professional, Nature

Entry Title: ” The Julie Project, 1993-2010

Name: Darcy Padilla, United States

Category: Professional, Deeper Perspective

Story: I first met Julie on February 28, 1993. Julie, 18, stood in the lobby of the Ambassador Hotel, barefoot, pants unzipped, and an 8 day-old infant in her arms. She lived in San Francisco’s SRO district, a neighborhood of soup kitchens and cheap rooms. Her room was piled with clothes, overfull ashtrays and trash. She lived with Jack, father of her first baby Rachael, and who had given her AIDS. She left him months later to stop using drugs. Her first memory of her mother is getting drunk with her at 6 and then being sexually abused by her stepfather. She ran away at 14 and became drug addict at 15. Living in alleys, crack dens, and bunked with more dirty old men than she cared to count. For 18 years I have photographed Julie Baird’s story of multiple homes, AIDS, drug abuse, abusive relationships, poverty, births, deaths, loss and reunion. Following Julie from the streets of San Francisco to the woods of Alaska. By 2003, Julie had given birth to five children – all taken by the State of California. In 2005, I found a posting online looking for Julie. Soon she was living in Alaska reunited with her father after 31 years. In 2008, Julie gave birth to her sixth child and moved to her latest home in “the bush.” On September 5, 2010, Julie was sent home from the hospital and told, “Prepare for the end of life…” Julie died on September 27th. She was 36.

Entry Title: ” CONDEMNED – mental illness in Uganda”

Name: Robin Hammond, South Africa

Category: Professional, Deeper Perspective

Story: Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army no longer terrorise the inhabitants of northern Uganda. The war may be over but decades of unspeakable violence has left deep scars – a legacy of Ugandans suffering with mental illness. To most Ugandans mental illness has little to do with the brain and more to do with demons and witchcraft. Traditional beliefs as well as modern imported ones explain the unexplainable. Prayer and exorcism are often sought before conventional medicine. If that doesn’t work, hope is lost, then comes neglect or abandonment. In a basement under a church I strained my eyes to see men and women chained to their beds, mumbling and groaning – awaiting salvation. A humble home on the shores of Lake Victoria housed 15 children abandoned by families that couldn’t cope with the child that they believed cursed. Outside the capital Kampala an impoverished mother sells her bed to buy food for her paralyzed daughter. Her husband has left her and taken their other 5 children. In northern Uganda a mother ties her psychotic son to a tree and prays that God will help him, she does not believe the drugs available at the hospital only one kilometre away can. This is the reality of mental illness in Uganda. These are the condemned.

Entry Title: ” Agent Orange”

Name: Ed Kashi, United States

Category: Professional, War/Conflict

Entry Description: May 2010, marked the 35th anniversary of the Vietnam War’s end. However, U.S. military use of dioxin-containing defoliant chemicals including Agent Orange continued until 1971. Estimated to have affected 3,000,000+ people, 150,000 Vietnamese living today are coping with the genetic consequences and resultant health impact of Agent Orange. The chemical’s legacy remains an ongoing medical, social, and political issue for the people in Vietnam. Decades after the U.S. military sprayed the Vietnamese jungles, the long-acting toxin, which is passed down genetically, continues to damage lives and remind new generations everywhere of the devastating aftermath of war.

Entry Title: ” Egypt Uprise”

Name: Jorge Dirkx, Belgium

Category: Professional, War/Conflict

Entry Description: On friday january 28th, anti-government demonstrations started after the friday prayer in Cairo, Egypt. As security forces shoot live ammunition and teargas grenades, the man I photographed is yelling at other protestors not to flee but to continue the protest.


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