Alfred Eisenstaedt

Born in Dirschau (now Poland), Alfred Eisenstaedt studied at the University of Berlin and served in the German army during … More

Szymon Brodziak

  Szymon Brodziak, born 1979 in Poland. Specializes in unconventional black and white advertising campaigns with personal approach. Brodziak is … More

Tomasz Gudzowaty

Tomasz Gudzowaty, born 1971 in Warsaw, gained international recognition as a documentary, portrait and art photographer through numerous publications and … More

Maciej Dakowicz

  Maciej Dakowicz is an experienced Polish photographer and educator based in Poland. He holds a PhD in computer science, … More

Bogdan Dziworski

Bogdan Dziworski is a Polish photographer, cinematographer, director and screenwriter, born on December 8, 1941 in Łódź.. He studied Film … More

Michal Cala

Michal Cala  is a Polish photographer. Having graduated from Warsaw University of Technology, he moved to Tychy and from 1975 … More

Waclaw Wantuch

Waclaw Wantuch Born 1965 in Tuchów. A graduate of the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts. The author of the book … More

Anna Bodnar

I’m born in 1982 in Poland. I’m philologist and a computer graphic artist. Presently, I’m a joint owner of an … More

Tomasz Gudzowaty

Tomasz Gudzowaty was born in 1971. He obtained a degree in law at the University of Warsaw. Among his interests … More

David Seymour

David Szymin was born in 1911 in Warsaw into a family of publishers that produced works in Yiddish and Hebrew. … More