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Nadav Bagim



Pavel Wolberg, Masquerade



Natan Dvir

Natan Dvir

Dina Bova


Ammar Younis

Brides in white – documentation of Arab women,all over 80 – part of the “Memory of a Place” project at the Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery.Summer 2011



Michal Chelbin


International Photography Awards ( 4 )

Entry Title: ” Brothels: Living in Darkness”
Name: Miguel Candela, Spain
Category: Non-Professional, Photo Essay and Feature Story
Entry Description: It’s an unlikely place for sex: a rundown concrete building where rats run free in rural Bangladesh. Small holes in the walls allow the only supply of natural light and air into the jail-like compound. Fluorescent bulbs hesitate to light up, and turn it into the ideal background for a horror blockbuster. After countless demonstrations that stirred media interest, prostitutes now don’t have to walk barefoot when they leave the brothel, and can be buried in a separate cemetery. In 2010, radical Islamists burned down the whole compound injuring two and leaving most without anything.

Entry Title: ” lonely home in Nepal”
Name: GMB akash, Bangladesh
Category: Non-Professional, Photo Essay and Feature Story
Entry Description: The existing and increasing population of aged people is becoming one of the problems that Nepal has been facing in recent years. The Pashupati Bridhashram (old home) is the largest old home in Katmandu run by the government. There are 230 residents, 140 of them women and 90 of them are man. It has always lack of fund for food. Several old aged homes have been developed in Nepal in recent years to rehabilitate the elderly people for their welfare. Nepal

Entry Title: ” Afghan Heroin: Not for Export”
Name: Thomas Stanworth, United Kingdom
Category: Non-Professional, War/Conflict
Entry Description: The Russian Cultural Center, Kabul, Afghanistan, once showcased Soviet art and culture. The complex was destroyed during the civil war and for years has been used by Kabul’s heroin addicts. Due to persecution, they hide largely unseen within the unlit rooms and passageways within the ruined complex. Despite the billions of dollars poured into counter-narcotics programs, there are virtually no rehabilitation facilities in Kabul to help the country’s own victims, who are thought to exceed a million. Pressure from the authorities has seen many addicts forced out of the Russian Center and into even worse conditions throughout the capital.

Entry Title: ” Insomnia”
Name: Arman Zhenikeyev, Kazakhstan
Category: Non-Professional, Fine Art
Entry Description: Insomnia is a night violence against a man

Entry Title: ” Innocence”
Name: Claudio Allia, Italy
Non-Professional, Other_FA

Entry Title: ” Mirrors”
Name: David Kretschmer, Germany
Category: Non-Professional, Portrait
Entry Description: Mirrors shows the contradictory view on beauty in the modern society. Four beautiful young girls, looking very doubting and insecure. As they are almost perfect looking, they observe themselves very strict and criticize every single flaw on their body and face. The four guys are in complete contrast to the girls. They are not perfect at all but they look very confident at themselves and don’t care about any beauty ideals. They are not pristine but they are satisfied.

Entry Title: ” Birds Over Shanghai”
Name: Andre Reichmann, United States
Category: Non-Professional, Aerial
Entry Description: Waking up early for a business meeting at my Shanghai hotel I saw these birds flying in circles and I worked furiously to get my camera and was able to get off only this shot. Very lucky indeed.

Entry Title: ” Namibia Abstract”
Name: Drora Bashan, Israel
Category: Non-Professional, Aerial
Entry Description: Namibia Abstract. Flying over Namibia (small aircraft, two-seater) offers most spectacular otherworldly sights! The amazing and bizarre landscape of the huge red sand-dunes is spread in front of your eyes. You can enjoy the diversity of shapes, earth colors, shades and even textures of the untouched earth. From the concrete up to abstract it’s a unique, aesthetic and sensual experience that takes you to fantasy world. Taken November, 2007.

Entry Title: ” Nightflowers”
Name: David Leaser, United States
Category: Non-Professional, Flowers
Entry Description: Inspired by a trip to the Amazon, author and photographer David Leaser has created a limited edition collection of dramatic botanicals with such detail, you’ll see flowers like you’ve never seen them before. You can literally see the pollen on the stamens of these flowers.

Entry Title: ” Calm night on the Lofoten”
Name: Maciej Nowacki, Poland
Category: Non-Professional, Landscapes

Entry Title: ” Desert Dreams”
Name: Anil Rao, United States
Category: Non-Professional, Other_N

Entry Title: ” Reflections of Autumn”
Name: Raghav Krishna, Germany
Category: Non-Professional, Seasons
Entry Description: I took this photograph, while walking on a hiking trail in a natural park. I looked down at a puddle of water and saw these amazing reflections with the fallen leaves and the trees.

Entry Title: ” Tales of Tolkien: Walking Ent”
Name: Alexander Kitsenko, Ukraine
Category: Non-Professional, Trees
Entry Description: A misty morning in the woods

Entry Title: ” Paper Boat
Name: Katerina Lomonosov, Israel
Category: Non-Professional, Children
Entry Description: A 7-year-old-boy is sitting in a room corner. His mother just washed his clothes and put them on the rope in the middle of the room because they have no other place to dry them. The eliminate drops from his clothes she put a bowel. The boy has no toys to play with so he tries to find something to do within those endless moments. That’s why he took a piece of paper and folded a paper boat to play with in the bowel.

Entry Title: ” Evening”
Name: Richard Vdovjak, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
Category: Non-Professional, Children
Entry Description: A young boy dances in evening at a family reunion. Himalayas, Nepal.

Entry Title: ” Isolation”
Name: Luke Smith, United Kingdom
Category: Non-Professional, Culture
Entry Description: For this series I wanted to address the issue of isolation within the elderly by its symbolic representation. With each image the elderly person faces away from the viewer, revealing the subjects absorption, so denying the presence of the viewer, with no ability towards identification, in doing so themselves becoming severed from the image and isolated from the activity being observed. I wanted to summon a confrontational experience from the viewer based on fragments and contradictions in the images systematic order. By violating spatial logic I have attempted to load each image with the symbolic representation of isolation.

Entry Title: ” Faith”
Name: Richard Vdovjak, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
Category: Non-Professional, Culture
Entry Description: Buddhist monks on their way to the monastery. Himalayas, Nepal.

Entry Title: Naga Babas”
Name: Brock Rhone, Canada
Category: Non-Professional, Travel/Tourism
Entry Description: Naga Babas of the Juna Akhara at the 2010 Kumbh Mela, Haridwar, India.

Entry Title: ” Island Hvar “
Name: Maciej Nowacki, Poland
Category: Non-Professional, Sunset


Ariel Schalit

Yangtze – The Long River, Nadav Kander





Dina Bova

dina bova

Uriel Sinaí

Uriel Sinaí

Micha Bar-Am











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