Liu Zheng

  Liu Zeng was born in Wuqiang County, Hubei Province, China in 1969 and graduated from the Beijing Technology Institute … More

Fan Ho

Award-wining photographer Fan Ho won nearly 300 awards from international exhibitions and competitions worldwide since 1956. Ho was elected Fellow … More

Wang Wusheng

Wang Wusheng was born in 1945 in the city of Wuhu in China’s Anhui Province and was graduated from Anhui … More

Fan Ho

Fan Ho’s (born in Shanghai in 1931) photographic career started at the early age of 14 when given his first … More

Sim Chi Yin

Sim Chi Yin is an artist from Singapore whose research-based practice includes photography, moving image, archival interventions and text-based performance, … More

Lu Nan

Correspondent for the prestigious international cooperative Magnum Photos since the 1990s, Lu Nan (born in 1962 in Beijing) is an … More

Lu Nan

Lu Nan is a contemporary photographer who was born in Beijing, China in 1962. After working for National Pictorial for … More

Suxing Zhang

Suxing Zhang is a Chinese fine-art photographer currently living in Australia. Born in the late 1980s, Suxing was first trained … More

Lang Jingshan

Lang Jingshan also romanized as Long Chin-san and Lang Ching-shan, was a pioneering photographer and one of the first Chinese … More

Lu Nan

  Lu Nan is given the name “the most legendary photographer in China”. His legend comes from his unique characteristic … More

Don Hong-Oai

    Don Hong-Oai was born in Canton, China in 1929 as the youngest son to a business family and … More

Zhang Jingna

  Born 1988 in Beijing, Jingna lives and works in New York City. A former rifle shooter, Jingna is a … More