Roberto Kusterle

  Roberto Kusterle was born in Gorizia in 1948, where he still lives and works. He began with painting and … More

Gian Paolo Barbieri

Gian Paolo Barbieri was born in Via Mazzini, of a family of textile wholesalers. It is in his father’s textile … More

Ugo Mulas

Mulas began his studies in law in 1948 in Milan, but left to take art courses at the Brera Fine … More

Alessio Delfino

Born in Savona (Italy), 5 March 1976, Delfino lives in Albisola and works in Savona and Milan. Delfino’s approach to … More

Letizia Battaglia

Born in Sicily in 1935, Letizia Battaglia began her photography career in the early 1970s and started photographing the Sicilian … More

Massimo Berruti

Massimo Berruti was born in Rome in 1979 and became interested in documentary photography for the first time in 2003, … More

Martina Bacigalupo

Martina Bacigalupo is a photographer and picture editor of the French magazine 6 Mois. She is a member of Agence … More

Mattia Baldi

I’m impressed by how the human perception of beauty is changing. Modern technologies are going to make us see things … More

Pepi Merisio

Pepi Merisio was primarily inspired by the 1950s growing up. New York City became the focus for modernism on an … More