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Gustavo Minas

Sebastião Salgado


Lunae Parracho

The Munduruku tribe in the Amazon searches for and expels illegal gold miners encroaching on their land. Works

Gustavo Gomes

Gustavo Gomes was born in Cassia, Minas Gerais, in 1981. Today he is a journalist and dedicated amateur photographer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and publishes his daily work at http://www.flickr.com/gustavominas. Gustavo studied… Continue reading

All imperfect things, Pep Bonet

Transgender political activism in Brazil only began in the 1990s, as a result of the AIDS epidemic, in contrast to gay and lesbian mobilization for equal rights which dates back to the 1970s.… Continue reading

Felipe Dana

Edu Simões


Ueslei Marcelino

Nadia Maria

Violência no México, EVELSON DE FREITAS

Sebastião Salgado


Ricardo Moraes


Mario Cravo Neto


Lunae Parracho, city of tears



> Works

Luiz Vasconcelos

The Brazilian photography collective “Cia de Foto”

Mona Khun


Doug Menuez


Jorge Luis Álvarez Pupo


Ricardo Moraes


Eraldo Peres

A Kraho Indian carries a tree trunk as he races in the Indigenous Games on the island of Porto Real in the city of Porto Nacional, Brazil. A member of the Gaviao ethnic… Continue reading

Best photos of the year 2011, Reuters ( 6 )

JAKOB DALL for the DANISH RED CROSS, Kenya “It was a very hot and dry day in Hadado village in the Wajir district in Kenya. I was in Hadado village, to cover the… Continue reading

Best photos of the year 2011, Reuters ( 2 )

CARLOS GUTIERREZ, Chile “That night was very cold and from the Earth’s depths came strong rumbling, as if the ground was going to open and swallow us. As the sky was illuminated with… Continue reading

Best photos of the year 2011, Reuters ( 1 )

GORAN TOMASEVIC, Egypt “I was in south Sudan covering the referendum when I found out that there were going to be protests in Egypt. I felt that there could be big troubles, so… Continue reading

Aprendemos con los grandes espíritus, Claudia Andujar


Pino Gómes


Paulo Liebert


Sebastiao Salgado

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