Nadia Keena

While most travelers go to places in Ethiopia by plane from Addis Ababa , the capital, we chose to do it all by car. It felt like we were traveling through the whole African continent due to the diversity of the sites and people we experienced. These photos reflect the timelessness of all these places. […]

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Omo: Expressions of a People, Drew Doggett

 I am captivated by stories, driven by the chase for extraordinary beauty and passionate about capturing each moment with integrity and inspiration. Searching for rarely seen subjects, I’ve traveled to remote corners of the world to chronicle people and places that are truly remarkable. Depicted in their natural environments, they are indigenous cultures and communities […]

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Ethiopia, Matthias Ziegler

Born in 1964 with a curious and sensitive eye for people, Matthias thoroughly learned his trade at Bayerische Lehranstalt fuer Fotografie in Munich. Ever since he graduated in 1990, his reportages sent him travelling around the world. The results of these trips have been highly acclaimed, exhibited throughout Germany & Europe and awarded several times. […]

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