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Swiss-Italian, born in 1971, educated in Italy and Switzerland, where he lives and works as a photographer. This provides him the perfect frame and background to invent, create and totally produce images that… Continue reading

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David Houncheringer, Do you want to die today?


85mm Street ( Thomas Leuthard )

85mm was originally the prime lens all my photos were taken with. After getting closer to people and also taking full scenes, this lens is not being used anymore. Currently there is a… Continue reading

Christian Kettiger


International Photography Awards ( 3 )

Entry Title: ” Plasticity of Life” Name: Martin Oeggerli, Switzerland Category: Professional, Micro Entry Description: Armed with a scanning-electron-microscope, the author has collected and catalogued insect eggs from every corner of the earth… Continue reading

International Photography Awards ( 2 )

Entry Title: ” impression” Name: Shinji Ichikawa, Japan Category: Professional, Abstract Entry Description: The impression that I felt from space and the thing of the place. Entry Title: ” Fabricate” Name: Dean West,… Continue reading

Best photos of the year 2011, Reuters ( 10 )

ARND WIEGMANN, Switzerland “After the intersection of the first 35.41 mile long tube of the Gotthard Base Tunnel on October 15, 2010 the final break-through in the second parallel single track tunnel took… Continue reading

Best photos of the year 2011, Reuters ( 3 )

  EDGARD GARRIDO, Honduras “I meet them in the basement of a pool hall located in a dangerous neighborhood of Tegucigalpa. There, along narrow and dark stairways, are several rooms where Bessy, Patricia… Continue reading

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