Paul Strand


Along with Edward Weston and Alfred Stieglitz, Paul Strand was one of the defining masters of early American modernist photography. Strand was introduced to photography by the renowned social documentarian Lewis Hine, who instilled in him an understanding of the photograph as a powerful tool that should be used for the betterment of humanity. Finding his own vision, in the early 20th century Strand began taking the photographs for which he is best known: scenes of urban hustle and bustle, formal abstractions, and street portraits.

Yu Tsai


Yu Tsai travels between NY and LA and is truly a bicoastal photographer going where his talent is requested.

His inspirations are a compilation of his studies and his extensive travels to Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. After changing direction from his scientific studies, Yu Tsai earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA where he discovered his passion for directing and design.

Yu Tsai has shot for iconic international brands such as Apple, Guess, Coca-Cola, Emporio Armani, Victoria’s Secret, and continues to work with his clients such as Guess, Sports Illustrated, FreeSoul, Pantene and Hickey Freeman.

He continues to shoot in the editorials arena; creating covers and stories with International magazines such as Harpers Bazaar Singapore, Vogue Thailand, Harpers Bazaar UK, Cosmopolitan US, Flaunt Magazine and Sports Illustrated.

His celebrity clients include actors Leonardo Dicaprio, Jessica Chastain, Bruce Willis, Jon Hamm, Anne Hathaway, Forest Whitaker, James Franco, Keira Knightley, Ewan McGregror, Melissa McCarthy, Chris Pine, Juliette Lewis, Idris Elba, Chloe Moretz, Ben Foster, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Evan Rachel Wood, Zoey Deschanel, Chris Hemsworth, Mila Kunis, Daniel Radcliffe, Olivia Wilde, James Marsden, Aaron Paul, Noomi Rapace, Kristen Stewart, Leah Michele, Aaron Eckhardt, Elle Fanning, Aaron Johnson, Maya Rudolph, Zoe Saldana, James McAvoy, Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett Smith, Cillian Murphy, and Ryan Gosling and musicians as diverse as Ringo Starr, Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, Adam Levine, Katy Perry, P Diddy, Ke$ha and many more.

Russell Lee


The Russell Lee Collection

Eve Arnold


Eve Arnold was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Russian immigrant parents. She began photographing in 1946, while working at a photo-finishing plant in New York City, and then studied photography in 1948 with Alexei Brodovitch at the New School for Social Research in New York.

Arnold first became associated with Magnum Photos in 1951, and became a full member in 1957. She was based in the US during the 1950s but went to England in 1962 to put her son through school; except for a six-year interval when she worked in the US and China, she lived in the UK for the rest of her life.

Her time in China led to her first major solo exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum in 1980, where she showed the resulting images. In the same year, she received the National Book Award for In China and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Society of Magazine Photographers.

In later years she received many other honours and awards. In 1995 she was made fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and elected Master Photographer – the world’s most prestigious photographic honour – by New York’s International Center of Photography. In 1996 she received the Kraszna-Krausz Book Award for In Retrospect, and the following year she was granted honorary degrees by the University of St Andrews, Staffordshire University, and the American International University in London; she was also appointed to the advisory committee of the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television in Bradford, UK. She has had twelve books published.

Eve passed away in January of 2012.

Spencer Bentley


I’m a photography enthusiast and my main focus is on journaling my everyday life experices, whatever they may be. I’m self taught in the discipline and I take every opportunity I can to increase my knowledge and perfect my craft

Sarah Small



Sarah was born in 1979 into a family of musicians, writers, and psychoanalysts. She spent her young childhood concocting gibberish sounds and songs around the house, dancing, and playing cello. She became enraptured by photography when she was thirteen. Small spent her high school years photographing her close friends and her younger red-headed sister, Rachel, wandering the streets of her hometown, Washington DC, equipped with her Pentax K1000.

After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2001, Small moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where she currently resides. Small spent the first ten years in NY working as a photographer, with music as a side-lined hobby. In 2011, Small started creating Tableau Vivant performances, based on her acclaimed photography series, The Delirium Constructions. Shortly afterwards, her interest in photography receded and her explorations in music composition and performance came to the forefront. Small is currently enrolled in classes at Juilliard.

Small currently sings and composes vocal scores with her two a cappella trios, Black Sea Hotel and Hydra, as well as for an electronic / vocal project, Jessica Brainstorm. She is currently writing an opera (her second Tableau) for choir, strings, and electronics for a projected premiere in 2018. Most recently, she has written works that have been recorded with Yo-Yo Ma and performed by Kronos Quartet, BSH, and Brooklyn Youth Chorus. Black Sea Hotel has appeared on NPR, PRI, The New York Times, as well as topping charts on iTunes International.

Small’s photography and performances have been featured in Vogue, LIFE, The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and The New Yorker, and have been shown in galleries throughout the United States, China, Taiwan, Korea, Madrid, Hungary, Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Australia, and the Netherlands.

Most recently, Small has appeared as lead actress in Josephine Decker’s psychological thriller, “Butter on the Latch,” wherein Small was described as “a revelation (noted to have) the best screen performance at Berlinale 2014” (Chris O’Neil, Experimental Conversations). The narrative feature landed on The New Yorker’s Top Ten Films of 2014, quoted by Richard Brody as being “a bold, unsettling film… (with) teeming, rolling energy (and) marvels of image and imagination.” Sarah has roles in three upcoming features currently in production.

George Harris and Martha Ewing




Nicholas Bell


Nicholas Bell is a self-taught photographer specializing in atmospheric black and white images. His interest in photography began in the late 80’s while traveling through Europe with the U.S. Army. It was here that Nicholas developed an appreciation for both art and the power of photography as a means of artistic expression.

The primary focus of Bell’s work is to produce poetic images that convey a sense of focused connection with a moment in time.

Annie Leibovitz




Intimité, Jack Montgomery




William Klein



William Klein  is a photographer best known for incorporating unusual elements into his photographs and videos. Born in New York, he grew up as a Jewish boy in an area where anti-Semitism was common. He turned to art at a young age as a way to escape from his peers. He frequently visited the Museum of Modern Art, and he studied at the City College of New York before enlisting in the Army. In 1948, he left the United States and traveled to France, where he studied painting with Fernand Léger and later enrolled at the Sorbonne.

After marrying Jeanne Florin, Klein started to work in the Abstract genre. He later gained inspiration from Mondrian and the Bauhaus movement that was sweeping Europe. Klein started creating murals, which gained him attention from Angelo Mangiarotti. The two collaborated on several projects while Klein worked for Domus, an Italian architecture magazine. Klein moved back to New York in the 1950s and started working as a photographer. He experimented with new techniques, which created unusual shading, odd angles, and other new elements on the finished images.

Klein met Alexander Liberman, and the two began a partnership. Klein shot a number of fashion photographs for Vogue, the magazine for which Liberman worked. Klein created a series of images that showed New York as a dark and shocking place. When no one would publish the photos, he turned the images into the book New York. He later published the photographic books Rome, Moscow, and Tokyo. Klein turned to film in the 1980s, creating the works Broadway By Light, Who Are You Polly Maggoo?, and The Messiah. He used the same unusual camera angles and techniques in shooting his movies. Klein later abandoned film work and returned to photography. He exhibited his work at Piccolo Teatro and Galleria il Milione in Milan, the Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York, the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, and the Jane Jackson Gallery in Atlanta, GA. The British Film Institute in London ran a retrospective of his film work in 1997. Klein currently lives in Paris, France, where he continues to work on his art.