Maxwell Dupain Spencer


Maxwell Spencer Dupain is regarded as one of Australia’s greatest photographers. He stressed simplicity and directness in his work, creating images of sharp focus, boldness and graphic composition. He was one of the earliest and most outstanding champions of modernism in Australia.

Dupain’s working life spans decades of commercial and artistic success, and photographic genres. His repertoire includes landscapes, beaches, nudes, still life and architecture. His particular love of the latter, coupled with his carefully set up symmetries made him the pre-eminent photographer of Australian architecture for more than 50 years.

However, Dupain is best known for his photographs of Australians, particularly their beach culture. A dedicated patriot, he believed in clearly and simply showing Australia’s way of life. His 1937 photograph Sunbaker is arguably his most famous work. For many, it is an iconic image of what it means to be Australian.

Dupain tirelessly photographed his beloved homeland, and in particular, Sydney, leaving a legacy of more than one million photographs. His work has been collected by most major Australian galleries, and private collectors world-wide.

India In an Ambassador | Brian Cassey

Rajasthan & Holi pic essay on 'fotostrada' - copyright pics by Brian Cassey

Long based in Australia’s northern tropical city of Cairns, I was born in London UK – almost with a camera in my hand.

I spent my formative and ‘interesting’ teenage years playing and photographing football (the round ball World game). My sports pictures, along with a smattering of news, appeared regularly in London’s metro and suburban press before moving to Australia in 1973.

Currently working for numerous Australian and International media – newspapers, wires and magazines – principally covering news, features and sport.

Covered the tsunami aftermath in northern Papua New Guinea 1998, the evacuation of refugees from East Timor 1999, the coup in Fiji and the World Economic Forum riots in Melbourne in 2000, the victims of the 2002 Bali bomb blasts, the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami disaster in Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar and the category 5 Cyclones Larry (2006) & Yasi (2011) which brought devastation to northern Queensland Australia.

I am fortunate that my work has been recognised with numerous awards both in Australia and Internationally – and you can find details on the ‘Awards’ page here.

I am also a member of photographers collectives – ‘fotostrada’ (an award winning group of talented & experienced photojournalists based in Australia) – and the @everydayaustralia Instagram collective (one of several ‘everyday’ feeds from around the planet). The ‘fotostrada’ site may be accessed here … and the @everydayaustralia IG feed here.

Bill Henson


“Now as the light from a row of TV screens blends with the last rays of the sun, both play over a face staring into a shop window, and as the sound of the mall dies away, imagine as that face curves off into shadow. Turn ever so slightly, a single camera movement brings the distant lights of a freeway into view, blinking through the darkening forest. And the sun goes down behind the mountains”. Bill Henson

Jason Ierace


Jason’s passion for visual aesthetics has been brought to life thanks to a 25-year career in photography and graphic design. Taking influences from years spent travelling and living in foreign cultures, he draws upon life experiences to capture a moment in time. Jason counts photography as his passion, as well as his career, and strives to tell a story, or convey an experience or emotion, visually via his images.

Renowned for his relaxed, easy-going nature and dedicated approach, as well as his ability to deliver inspiring and captivating imagery under any conditions, Jason’s style remains polished, elegant and timeless, yet always spontaneous.

Inspired by creative people who take the best from life, Jason loves the opportunity to travel and work seamlessly with creative teams that share his passion to capture the perfect picture.

Jason now lives on Sydney’s northern beaches and specializes in advertising, lifestyle, portraits and fashion while trying to pursue his personal projects and explore the medium of photography.

When he’s not working between Sydney and London, you’ll find him surfing one of his favourite surf spots on the east coast of Australia or playing with the source of his inspiration – daughter Noa and son Arlo.

Hong Kong’s poor living in cages, Brian Cassey



Small enclosures line the room, leaving just enough headroom to sit up within the confined walls. Money is as tight as the spaces hidden among multimillion dollar high-rise apartments.

In 2009, Australia-based photographer Brian Cassey flew to Hong Kong, where he had discovered people were living in nothing more than cages because of dire economic conditions.

But nailing down the location of these caged dwellings proved to be harder than Cassey expected.

“The cage people are very well-hidden in dense, packed high-rise buildings,” Cassey said. “All cage homes are well-hidden behind several bolted doors.”

This set-up doesn’t come as cheaply as one might expect, either. Cassey said it costs about $200 a month to rent the space.

“No one wants to live here, but we need to survive,” a resident of one of these facilities told CNN in July. Mak, 72, works as a janitor at the nearby Times Square and said his living conditions are “a step up from being on the streets.”

Cassey said he was looking for a project that “had the prospect of making a difference by bringing the situation to light.”

With only two hours to spend with his subjects, there wasn’t much time to get personally involved with them. Instead, the British photographer tried to hide in the shadows and “be as unobtrusive as possible,” he said, adding that it was very difficult task to accomplish in the cramped space.

“The atmosphere was one of resigned but controlled despair,” he said. “From those few I talked to, they are resigned to their fate,” deeming it preferable to being homeless.

He found the situation “extremely depressing” but said he was impressed by the attitudes of many of the people living there.

“The cage home residents I met acted, despite their dire circumstances, with amazing dignity and grace,” he said.

– Elizabeth I. Johnson, CNN

Peter Coulson


“I specialize in beauty, fashion and fetish Photography. Mixing a range of styles and fusing the latest fashion trends with my personal conceptual reflections. My images are strong, sensual and mysteriously elegant with a twist of my screwed up sense of humour.”


George Antoni



Georges Antoni is a Sydney photographer whose global star is rising rapidly. His years here have seen him quickly ensconced in the top echelons of Australian photography, with Georges now undeniably one of the best photographers of our time in this country, and in demand around the world. Shooting from Sydney to Singapore, New York to Dubai, Georges has won clients with his natural talent, incredible technical knowledge, skills with execution and composition and his easy going nature, ensuring his calendar is booked solid constantly.
Georges’ polished aesthetic is a signature style all his own. His creative flair for concept creation and execution result in stunning images that are a little bit different, a little unworldly, and always impressive.
Georges is part of a new guard in fashion photography. His inherent talent and nature is ensuring that his rise to the top is rapid and phenomenal.

Daniel Berehulak


Daniel Berehulak was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1975. He studied history at the University of New South Wales, going on to a business-orientated career before moving into photography in 2000. At first he worked for a sports photo agency in Sydney. It was here, in 2002, that he started working for Getty Images as a sports photographer. After further developing his interest in politics and world news, Berehulak assumed a staff position for Getty Images in 2005, as a news photographer based in London. An addition to winning the Picture Editor Awards Foreign News Photographer of the Year in 2007, Daniel has received other industry accolades during his career, including an honourable mention in the Best Of Photojournalism 2007, for his portrait series in Chernobyl.


Peter Coulson




I specialize in beauty, fashion and fetish Photography. Mixing a range of styles and fusing the latest fashion trends with my personal conceptual reflections. My images are strong, sensual and mysteriously elegant with a twist of my screwed up sense of humour.”