George Antoni

Georges Antoni is a Sydney photographer whose global star is rising rapidly. His years here have seen him quickly ensconced in the top echelons of Australian photography, with Georges now undeniably one of the best photographers of our time in this country, and in demand around the world. Shooting from Sydney to Singapore, New York […]

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Daniel Berehulak

Daniel Berehulak was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1975. He studied history at the University of New South Wales, going on to a business-orientated career before moving into photography in 2000. At first he worked for a sports photo agency in Sydney. It was here, in 2002, that he started working for Getty Images as […]

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Peter Coulson

  “I specialize in beauty, fashion and fetish Photography. Mixing a range of styles and fusing the latest fashion trends with my personal conceptual reflections. My images are strong, sensual and mysteriously elegant with a twist of my screwed up sense of humour.”

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Narelle Autio

“I was born in a beachside suburb of Adelaide, South Australia. On leaving school I went to an art college with the vision of becoming a painter… Somehow I ended up with a camera, instead of a paintbrush, in my hand. “After graduating with a degree in Visual Arts in 1990, I began working for […]

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James Houston

James Houston was born in 1965 in Sydney, Australia. At an early age, he began to study ceramic sculpture and design at school, where he was awarded first in the state of NSW for Art in the HSC (High School Certificate). At 19 years old, shortly after leaving school, Houston held his first solo exhibition […]

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Peter Stewart

    Australian photographer Peter Stewart has found a novel photographic perspective on one of the most populated places in the world – Kong Kong. In his mesmerizing “Stacked – Hong Kong” photo series, the photographer finds beauty in the region’s monotonously expansive skyline, focusing on unexpected viewpoints to capture the never-ending urban mosaics of […]

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Stephen Allworth

STEPHEN ALLWORTH: An international information systems consultant, Steve Allworth re-ignited his interest in photography in 2011. His interest has since become a passion. Steve is based in Sydney, Australia and travels as much as he can. Links: ND Magazine STEPHEN ALLWORTH

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Jules Tahan

    Working with a host of agencies and clients over the last ten years has set Jules up with the expertise and creative nous to shoot whatever crosses his desk: from Orica and Pacific Brands to Delfin Lendlease and Whirlpool. He has a strong editorial bent too, shooting for ACP Publications and Fairfax Media. […]

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Scott Newett

  Advertising obsesses with the surface of things. Products and people are primped and primed, manipulated to the point of perfection. It’s all about facades. What happens then, when a practitioner of the trade is motivated not by a brief, but by curiosity and creative drive? Scott Newett is an advertising photographer, best known for […]

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