Alexander Danilovich Grinberg

Is one of the most respected Russian photographers of the twentieth century. Born at the end of the nineteenth century, and having lived ninety-four years, he experienced the Russian revolutionary, the Civil War, two world wars, stalinist repression along with numerous fluctuations in soviet political and cultural history. Even as a child Grinberg demonstrated a […]

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Igor Amelkovich

 Hi, I’m Igor Amelkovich. I reside in the city of Chelyabinsk, southern Ural mountains in Russia. I studied radio engineering at the  South-Ural State University. Photography has been my focus since 1999.I didn’t held camera in my hands before and I’m self-  taught. My work is film-based and I use Hasselblad 503CW and two lenses, […]

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Yuri Shalimov

These days our world is overcomplicated and overloaded with different useless stuff, so I try to be as minimalistic as possible, leaving only the pure naked body in the frame. For me nakedness is one of the most powerful symbols of harmony and openness to the world. What inspires me – is the art of […]

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Sergey Belov

Sergey Belov is a photographer born in Russia in 1976 based in the city of Osa, Perm, and performs these evocative works. A series of photographs in black and white and sepia highly theatrical and with a painstaking work with the negative to create images sometimes dark, but very powerful.   Forlab Blog

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